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Yemen , travel memories by annab

november 13 2006 – Al Hajjara,Yemen.A city built at the top of a mountain,in the Haraz Mountains, upon a precipice and famous for its towering stone buildings
decorated with elaborate and typical white freezes and patterns.

october 6 2015 – read some time ago that maybe that wonderful city doesn’t exist anymore…maybe ..

re-edition ,new version ,tribute to Yemeni people who’s suffering so much..

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Old City of Sana’a by danyeidphotography

Situated in a mountain valley at an altitude of 2,200 m, Sana’a has been inhabited for more than 2,500 years. In the 7th and 8th centuries the city became a major centre for the propagation of Islam. This religious and political heritage can be seen in the 103 mosques, 14 hammams and over 6,000 houses, all built before the 11th century. Sana’a’s many-storeyed tower-houses built of rammed earth (pisé) add to the beauty of the site.

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