Motivational Speaker & Writer, Kat Loterzo, Wants You To Know That Life Is Now: Press Play
Kat Loterzo Kat Loterzo is not your typical motivational coach. She’s larger than life. She shoots straight from the hip. And she doesn’t think twice about dropping the f-bomb. We all need an attitude adjustment every once in a while, and Loterzo won’t pull punches helping her clients to unlock their […]

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Johns Hopkins University’s Dismaying, Fact-Challenged Attack On Fracturing
When it comes to scientific reports, certain rules are sacrosanct, such as you cannot leap from correlation to cause without showing evidence. That’s the problem with a deeply flawed report from Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health and Geisinger Health System about the so-called “associations” between hydraulic fracturing […]

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Medical Marijuana Ruling Could Help Kettle Falls Five Defendants
Rhonda Firestack-Harvey, Rolland Gregg, and Michelle Gregg (Image: Family Photo) A recent federal appeals court ruling could make an important difference in the Kettle Falls Five case, which involves Washington residents who grew marijuana for their own medical use. Last October, seven months after they were convicted of growing marijuana, the three […]

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