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Into the Marina by blackchallenge

In Dubai Marina there is a wealth of restaurants offering cuisines from around the world – covering everything from casual, fresco cafes and eateries to fine dining establishments and trendy bars.
There is a good network of roads in and around the area plus a tram that links the Dubai Metro and the Palm Monorail, running along Al Sufouh Road and Jumeirah Beach Road from the Mall of the Emirates at one end to Dubai Marina at the other. In addition, a water bus runs from 10am to 10pm every 15 minutes between various stations within the marina. There is also a ferry that runs between Dubai Marina Mall and Al Ghubaiba as well as a selection of more tourist minded routes out to the Palm and back or traditional abara rides around the marina area.
In terms of accommodation, each sub-community presents its residents with a complete lifestyle, not only with the provision of luxury apartments, but with complementary amenities such as swimming pools and gymnasiums, as well as meeting rooms and business center facilities.
It’s no surprise then that Dubai Marina living has become one of the most desirable and sought-after lifestyles in the world. It’s an incomparable place to live, socialize and visit – that thrills residents and has visitors returning time and again.

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‘Salmon Serenity’

I’d be the first to say that there’s no way Dubai could ever be described as ‘serene’ but incredible peace and silence is exactly what I experienced during my early morning shoot at Dubai Marina. Ramadan probably had a lot to do with it as most people wake up very late during this month and morning activities seem to be reduced to zero. The place was as quiet as a camp in the middle of the desert. Water was like an oily mirror and I could almost hear my own heartbeat. It was eerily peaceful and I believe this photograph reflects that mood rather well.

Captured with the Canon 5Ds and Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II with a LEE Big Stopper (10-stop ND filter).
Image was processed with the mood, rather than realism in mind.
I used Lightroom CC 2015 which pulled an amazing amount of detail from the challenging, single-frame exposure. Although I exposed this capture for the highlights which produced almost black buildings, I still managed to recover all the details in the shadows. I still ended up with a virtually noiseless and extremely crisp picture.
Secondary grading was accomplished with Photoshop CC 2015 which I love profoundly and with a NIK Suite of plugins.

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In The Middle by BenoSaradzic

‘In The Middle’

Featured is one of the six bridges connecting both sides of Dubai Marina development. Flowing lines, flashy architecture, vibrant and colourful lights, crazy urban design…what’s not to like in such a cityscape?

This shot was taken in near darkness from a moving helicopter. I used Canon 5Dmk3 and Canon TS-E 24mm lens. I was going for a miniature effect so I set the lens to capture the image at the widest aperture in a fully tilted position.
EXIF: f/3.5, 1/160s, ISO 3,200

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