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Waterloo, is this the end of human intelligence? by tmrother

Waterloo – Please read on!
Sometimes I upload a photo to express and display my beefs, displeasure or just a surprise.
I am talking about ADULT COLOURING BOOKS. There was an article today in ‘Toronto Star’ celebrating an artist, who published a book of sketches for grown-ups to colour! I think this must be a new low, to sink to a level of 3-4 year old. The kicker is that the sketches are of Toronto Public Libraries, just to expose the paradox. The article praises this new trend of human behavior. Do not ask me why. I think it is moronic. Who started it? Why is it catching on? Why is media promoting it? Am I the only one who thinks, that There Is Something Wrong With It?

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This is london by maxrobeyns

A panorama taken through the grimy glass of the skygraden atop the ‘walkie talkie’ building- or 20 fenchurch street. The weather was just clearing up after a rain shower, and the light caught the back of the clouds creating this stunning, dramatic sky, with some mist on the horizon following the shower. This incredible scene lasted less than a minute!

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USS Sulaco by Turnipfarmer

Waterloo Underground Station, London, England – http://ift.tt/V5qrF7

An old photo this one but one to add to my ‘Conception Fabrication’ architectural series. I quite like the interesting shapes and the face at the end of the tunnel of this fabrication that I have done. Its such aa good way to edit a photo that you would not have edited via conventional means, I have probably got enough now to put into a gallery which I will do in due course.

You may have noticed that I have decided to tidy up and streamline my description on my flickr uploads as I feel sometimes the story of my photo can be lost within all the other information I have provided, do you agree or did you prefer the old way?

Fear not, don’t worry my little story behind each photo will remain as I know a lot of you like this part of my photos and of course I enjoy this part the most!

Let me know what you think and if you want me to go back to the old way.

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View from Waterloo Bridge by Nino_labartkava

There are many bridges that cross the Thames as it flows through London, and many of them are a great deal prettier than Waterloo Bridge. If you wanted to be unkind, you could say that one of the best reasons for standing on it is that it’s one place from which it doesn’t spoil the view. But if you want to take in the true greatness of London today, the best of the old as well as the best of the new, then Waterloo Bridge is incontrovertibly the place to be.

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