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Triumphal arch Paris by antoniogaudenciophoto

Certaines Techniques utilisées dans le traitement de cette prise de vue, sont développées dans mes tutoriels.
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The Adventurous Architect’s Artwork by IwanGroot

I already posted one shot of the Atlantic road and this bendy bridge that rises and curves at the same time which gives it a unique twist.
in this shot I used on exposure as in same settings but 5 shots with different focus points to get a sharper image. I wonder if I would have liked it with a tighter or wide composition. Will have to experiment a bit more next time I get there. This I consider more of a scouting trip though the weather is nothing to complain about, I do want to come when there is a bit more dramatic lighting. either sunset, astro, storm or sunny to get the nice color of the nearby waters.
for more information of this location check out my other shot from the same location.

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