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Borgund II by milaritz

Borgund stave church (Borgund stavkyrkje) is a stave church located in Borgund, Laerdal, Sogn, Norway. Built around 1180 and is dedicated to the Apostle Andrew. The church is exceptionally well preserved and is one of the most distinctive stave churches in Norway. The stavchurches are Norway’s most important contribution to world architecture and Norway’s oldest preserved timber buildings.Most striking and odd to modern Christian eyes are the four dragon’s heads, like those used on the prows of the old Viking ships—these were placed on the highest roof-peaks to serve the same function as the gargoyles on medieval Cathedrals—to ward off evil spirits. It should be noted that many more Christian crosses than dragon’s heads adorn the peaks of the church roof.

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Thor’s lightning rod by Meezer3

I had just been here to see the new Viking exhibit from Sweden (the land of my Grandparents) and shot this image as I came out. The way the clouds were and how the totem pole reached up to the sky made me think of the God Thor and his hammer…as if he was looking down from behind the foreboding clouds…ready to realease his power.

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