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Shutters by stefanholm

Wall in yellow colors with windows and shutters in high contrast, pipe in vertical.

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Florence in blue by michaelnebuloni

© Michael Nebuloni
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Old Town Houses by mirosu

Photo with colorful typical Arbon old town houses with tower of Castle of Arbon in the background. Swiss town of Arbon is situated in Canton Thurgau on a peninsula on the southwest shore of Lake Constance between towns of Romanshorn and Rorschach. The nearest larger city is St. Gallen.
The shores of Lake Constance near Arbon have been inhabited since the Stone Age. Archaeological digs in 1885 and 1944 have uncovered stilt houses from the Stone and Bronze Ages. The Castle of Arbon in its present form was built in 1515; the tower is older and dates to 993.
Lake Constance assures that the climate in Arbon is mild, both summer and winter.

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