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Gothic by DJLee

St. Paul’s Anglican Church–a timber framed church built between 1892 and 1894 in the Gothic Revival style of architecture. Located in the community of Trinity in Trinity Bay Newfoundland. Most of the gravestones were warn smooth from the elements, and I tried to capture a perspective that would accentuate/magnify the Gothic character of the building.

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River Front Dallas by jfischerphotography

For the second time this year the Trinity River over flows its banks in Dallas, Texas. Historic rains through the month of May and into June has caused wide flooding throughout the region. The silver lining has been rare photographic opportunities along the river.

See more examples of the Dallas skyline from along the flooded river on my blog at JonPFischer.com – Dallas from the Trinity

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Trinity by juergenlehmann

Main Square
Linz, Upper Austria, Austria

The Main Square of Linz is the city center of Linz and with 13,140 sqm one of the largest enclosed spaces in Austria. In the middle of the Main Square there is the Holy Trinity Column, a plague column from the 18th century. The baroque landmark made of Salzburg marble is 20 meters high and was built between 1717-1723. On the pedestal there are the statues of the plague saints, St. Sebastian and St. Charles Borromeo, and the fire patron, St. Florian, attached.

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Trinity Bridge by srprice13

Trinity Bridge links the Cities of Manchester and Salford over the River Irwell, and was completed in 1995.
Designed to look like a ship with it’s mast and rigging, it harks back to a time when this part of the world was the Industrial Revolution’s core, with docks and ships importing and exporting. The Irwell became overused, polluted and rotten, and post industrial Manchester and Salford were not in a good way.
In the last 20 years major development work has taken place, and the area is now a vibrant clean tourist destination.
You can even fish in the Irwell again!

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