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Electric Beijing II by JulienFolcher

My first successful attempt at lightning photography. This a composition I’m very familiar with, it is shot from my apartment window, I shot it countless times, I often use it to try out new gear and techniques and it’s a nice view of Beijing CBD, that’s why I picked this apartment. This allowed me to concentrate only on the technical aspect.

There was several previous failed attempts for this photo. Missed the lightning, blew out the highlights, lightning happening outside of the frame, there is so many ways to fail this.

Last week a big thunderstorm hit the city so I gave another try, not hopping for much given my previous experiments. I guess the experience gathered from the previous attempts was enough to avoid the easy mistakes and get something usable in lightroom. Had my camera sticking out the window on a tripod taped to the balustrade (some home made engineering right here) for something like 20 minutes, taking consecutive 50 sec exposures before the rain got too intense and ruin my not weather sealed camera.

This image is a stack of 3 x 50sec exposures featuring a lightning bolt. I think the fact that I was at f22 protected the highlights while giving me long enough exposure to increase my chances of getting a lightning bolt in the frame. The 3 exposure were stacked in Photoshop using the “maximum” mode.

Hope like it.
Please view on black background (H)

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Tesla Bridge by StefanLiebermann89

Shot off the Nelson-Mandela-Bridge in Ilmenau (Germany) with two lightning bolts in the background. Its the most popular way to reach the university. But during the Thunderstorm nobody crossed the bridge. A new scenario.

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Scattered Thunderstorms by edwardreese

Last Sunday had a forecast of thunderstorms rolling through the area, so we headed to Brooklyn hoping for some lightning images with the NYC skyline.

This is the view from up on the Manhattan Bridge. The forecast was spot on and the area really got dumped on.

This is one of two images from that afternoon. The other is a long exposure image of the storm clouds rolling in. It can be viewed here.

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