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Sedov by IwanGroot

Sedov the Largest Sail Ship in the world from Russia visited Ålesund for Tall Ships Races 2015, and this is the fine art piece I made from it, very complicated and annoying since the ship moves a bit.
I didn’t manage to completely get rid of some people so I tried to obscure them as much as possible by averaging out the photos and filters. Therefore the vectorama format and a stronger composition. though Im not a huge fan of making such tall photos and I feel so unusual to look at when the photo is so tall.
Ill post another version of this shot where I didn’t do as much editing which I will submit for 500px Prime and hopefully get approved since this won’t be able to make it because of creative filters and banding edges.
If you want to see a lot of Great images from this whole event make sure to check out Geir Bjørndal Srisoi’s Photos.
and he got some great ones of the norwegian ships visiting Geiranger Fjord.
If I had known they would head into geiranger I would have definitely made a trip in there.
Btw I used HDR and focus stacking in this shot with a few uses of “Soft Light layers”.
Any Way enjoy! =D

via http://ift.tt/1KhguKH