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The Awakening by BaberAfzal

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Here is an image I shot back in 2010 of Burj al Arab and decided to reprocess it. Going back to my origins by creating such surrealistic images. Unfortunately, I took this image in JPEG but am glad I managed to make the best of it. I was fortunate to be present there at a time when a storm was rolling over which is pretty rare in Dubai. Even this view is hard to find as they have construction going on now. Talk about being lucky. 🙂

I hope you all enjoy this image too and feel free to share it as well! Love you all!

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EMINENCE by BaberAfzal

Finally, after 5 days of effort I have managed to create this image (along with its video tutorial) which I had in my archive for almost 3 years!

I always kept staring at this image blankly for days and wondering on how to work on it and I believe I finally managed to come up with a vision for it. I took this at a time when I visited San Francisco in 2012 and yes, that is the Golden Gate bridge too! Decided to offer a unique perspective from the walkway.

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I hope you guys enjoy this image as well! God Bless you all! 🙂

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