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Tribute by tobyharriman


Last year I was lucky enough to be in NYC working for 2 weeks during the Tribute Lights. Had an awesome time making new friends and roaming around the city. This may be one of my favorites. ‪

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NY Harbor in 106,4 Megapixels (free download) by czechyorker

“NY Harbor in 106,4 Megapixels”

Thank you all for high rating of my previous picture.
As a thank you I’m giving you a free download of 106.4MP picture of NY Harbor.
(It’s free for personal use). It was taken hand held at very hazy day.
But the view is still spectacular. Enjoy!

Technical Blah blah:

Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Lens: Canon EF 70-200 IS II
ISO: 100
Zoom: 200mm
F stop: f/9.0
Shutter: 1/250
Number of pictures used: 10
PSD fielsize: 1.78GB

18462 wide x 5763 high
Aspect ratio: 3,20:1
24 Bit
106,4 megapixel
61.8 MB Filesize/300Dpi
13.6 MB Filesize/120Dpi
Download here : http://goo.gl/XqEfzB

Click here to check out my other pictures. Thank you!

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Welcome to USA! by UltimaGaina

Lower Manhattan with the Statue of Liberty and Freedom Tower at sunrise

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Manhattan Sunset by jc_photography

Taken from the top of Top of the Rock. Views of Empire State Building to the left and the Statue of Liberty in the distance

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