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Seattle by vhamine

Yet another shot from the Kerry Park viewpoint in heart of Seattle. The setting was perfect with low fog partially covering the city and the sky showing a range of colors. This image is a blend of 9 exposures. I wish that I had composed it slightly better though with the iconic space needle more toward the center of the image than so much to the left.

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Blue Hour in Seattle by SrikarKanchana

Please view in Black! Press M !

What a perfect Night ! I have prayed for a cloudless, no fog time. Presto ! the awesome blue hour was right there. Now I know for sure why Kerry Park is so famous. A small park with one great fabulous view.

Little disappointed when I didn’t see the blood moon over the skyline, jeez i am at the wrong place and the lunar eclipse happened little closer to the horizon rather high in the sky. I hate to say this but have seen the internet flooded with blood moon cut copy pasted above the Space Needle.

Augmented Reality 😛

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