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OUT THE WINDOW by davidzd077

This was one of the first ever images i took. I’m an engineer, economist, musician, singer, composer, writer and cinematographer, these i’ve nurtured since God knows when, but photography was something new. With only 2yrs experience in photography, i believe i’ve changed in my own little way. Many thanks to everyone, who one way or the other have encouraged, supported or even taught me, for all your likes and comments and for all your wonderful pictures, which not only inspires me, but changes my way of seeing the world from a different perspective! Thank you and keep on clicking!

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Tromso Light by RustamAzmi

The Tromso Light..
Tromso Paris i Nord (Paris of the north)….The city is surrounded by Fjord from Each side….It look really Beautiful during day time as it very cleaned and organised city….and During the Night if the sky is clear then you can experience the Natures show….The Northern light I cant really explain how it feels…you have to experience it at least it once in a life…

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Icy Blue by Rich_Devant

This was taken just as the snow began to fall during the blue hour. I edited it to highlight the blues and beauty of winter. The view, which overlooks the Brandywine Creek, is located in Wilmington, Delaware.

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