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Entrapped in the past by Caligsd

The Valley of Temples is a unique location, and one of the most famous Sicilian UNESCO site. This in the picture is the Temple of Concordia and it is one of the most preserved Greek temple.

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Duomo di Siracusa by vannuzzu

The cathedral of Syracuse, the city’s cathedral, located on the elevated part of Siracusa, incorporating what was the sacred temple in Doric style more important than the polis Syracuse, dedicated to Athena (Minerva) and converted into a church with the advent of Christianity. He was dedicated to the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Considered the most important church in the city of Syracuse, it became part of the property protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. His style is mainly outside the Baroque and Rococo, while inside it alternates parts dating back to the Sicilians, as belonging to the temple and greek parts dating back to medieval times, built by the Byzantines to the seventeenth century and thus leave it up to the present day . Its internal structure is composed of several naves and chapels, which have a classic style and decorated, also typical of the Baroque.

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