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Silence by TatarCristian

Evidence of the existence of the Parodi Ligure region goes back as early as 937 when it was identified as “Palode.” It later was assigned to the Castiglione monastery. The town was fortified around 1128 (Castrum Palodii). It was sold to the Republic of Genoa, after the Genoese liberated the Marquis of Parodi, Alberto ‘Zueta’, who had been held hostage by the Lord of Castelletto. From this time, it was under the control of Genoa, although Alberto’s son, William, nicknamed ‘the Saracen’, unsuccessfully attempted to regain it, with support from his maternal uncle, William V of Montferrat. In 1945 some damage was sustained to the region, with some houses being burnt, as a result of the Nazi/Fascist confrontations. (This region of Italy is famous for being anti-fascist.) Wikipedia

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Ghost train at Rådhuset by s1000

Comparing cameras can be hard, they all do pretty much the same, but if I was to point out one thing my Olympus EM1 does way better than anything I’ve tested before, it’s stabilization!

This was shot entirely handheld with a 1,6s exposure – might sound a bit nerdy, but in short, that’s amazingly cool 🙂 – it has no shake at all – even the sign “Rådhuset” (behind the train) stands out in crisp letters on my big screen.

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