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Bernini’s Masterpiece by PatKofahl

The Pulitzer Prize is a pretty big deal here in the US. The 2015 prize for literature went to Anthony Doerr for his wonderful novel “All the Light We Cannot See.” Before that, however, he wrote “Four Seasons in Rome,” about a year he and his wife and newborn twins spent here in the Eternal City, a book so charming and evocative than I whizzed through it almost non-stop, and recommended it to a friend, who also found it irresistible. This image is a monochrome version of an image I posted several years ago, and is in response to a request for an image of Rome. Given that the Piazza Navona is considered by many to be the cultural heart of Rome, and Bernini one of Rome’s most famous sculptors, here we are at his majestic Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, or Fountain of the Four Rivers.

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