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Shanghai Pearl Rotary by eetschman

well my second try rotating the camera during a single exposure .. i made another 23 tests this is one of the cool once and now i really figured out how it goes .. this is quiet a lot of fun .. waiting for the boats to come and hope for the right colors in the skyline .. and hope it does not burn the sensor to much

iam quiet happy with the result .. i know this is not every once taste so i hope you are open for some new kind of photography

hope you like it as much as i do 8)
tell me what you think pls.

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An Emperor’s view by JulienFolcher

Went back to Jingshan park yesterday, it offers the best view you can get on the Forbidden City. The sky didn’t have any clouds so I waited after the sunset to be able to get a star trail shot above the palace. There’s not a lot of stars due to light pollution from the city, but it’s still enough to get an interesting sky.
This is a composite of one sunset image, one blue hour image and 130 night pictures for the stars, all blended in photoshop. Hope you like it!

Please view on black background (H)

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Shanghai Nite Twister by eetschman

So iam in china and well i got some tools with me >> this is the first night out with the camera rotation tool i got from alan thomson (friend from the UK).. and here i like because we have the added value of some cruise ships passing by that give an extra asymetric rotation off of the center which i like … the only thing i dont like is that the one building then was positing some ultra bright white commercial that turned it so white .. i did not wanted to fake anything into so i left it SOOC besides cropping etc.

i hope you like it and if you share on facebook and twitter it helps >> since iam in china right now >>> I CANT DO IT FROM HERE !

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Electric Beijing by JulienFolcher

It’s raining today, so I decided to revisit some old raw files I haven’t developed… I took this as an editing exercise. On the last 3 images I uploaded here (this one included) I am trying to not use the clarity slider in Lightroom , I tend to dislike the “HDR” look it gives to the images more and more, especially the dark or light traces it leaves around the edges.
Here I tried to make up for the clarity with a contrast adjustment layer and very specific dodge and burn.
This is an experiment, so let me know what you think or how you deal with this issue on Lightroom and Photoshop.


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