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Sunday storm by JulioKonde

Ponte Vella (Galician, “old bridge”, Ponte Romana (Roman bridge), Ponte Maior (high bridge)) is a medieval footbridge built on Roman foundations in Ourense, Spain. The original bridge across the Minho River was built during the first century rule of Emperor Augustus though other sources state that it was built during the Trajan period. A mention is made of this bridge in the will of Doña Urraca, where it is said that it was repaired with funds provided by Ferdinand III. From the Middle Ages, it has provided access to the city of Ourense for trade and pilgrimage. The structure was rebuilt in 1230 by Bishop Lorenzo on Roman foundations (original piers), and repaired in 1449 by Bishop Pedro de Silva. It then measured 1,319 feet (402 m) long, with an arch span of 156 feet (48 m). However, the main arch collapsed in 1499 and the bridge was rebuilt in 1679 to a length of 370 metres (1,210 ft) with seven arched spans, the main span measuring 43 metres (141 ft). The height of the bridge above the water level is 38 metres (125 ft)
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