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Hawthorne Bridge at Blue Hour by jplphotographypdx

Hawthorne Bridge Over Willamette River in Portland Oregon during Evening Blue Hour

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city skyline from ross island bridge at dusk by qwdlovesdp


Portland skyline at dusk taken from ross island bridge.

©2015 Wendi Qiu Photography
©2015 For the love of light
©2015 My soul lives on Photography St.
Portland, Oregon

One HDR blended with the underexposed photo for the sky. Minor adjustment in Lightroom. Moved to Photoshop. Dodged and burned.

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The Bridge to Sunrise by davidleahy

I woke up way too early this past Sunday. So my choice was to waste time hoping to get back to sleep or go out in search of a sunrise. Fortunately, I went with the sunrise and was able to capture the sunrise at the St. John’s Bridge. There is little traffic that early, but I was only able to shoot every 2-4 minutes to avoid cars in the photo.

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