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The Fluxoid by joe_plasmatico

Hiho everybody, welcome back to my b+w series of architecture fine art. (get a black background)

This piece of architecture has been built in the years 1968 – 1973 and belongs to the BMW automotive enterprise and was the highest building until 1982, 99,5m in total. (not counting the Olympia Tower, which is still the tallest thing in town)

Weather was great, security in a very good mood and me totally alone at the scene, think everybody was having beers and food in the beer gardens around the town. (That’s where I found everybody later^^)

The building embodies a four cylinder engine, the first engine BMW constructed way back.

So, keep on moving guys.

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The Transporter by Turnipfarmer

Café Glockenspiel, Munich, Germany – http://ift.tt/V5qrF7
OK its another black and white photo, I just couldn’t resist and to be honest Judith (JAT2012) would be upset if I didn’t ;-).

Looking back to my Munich trip last year and this was the wonderful staircase inside the Cafe Glockenspiel, this staircase is something that the staff seemed very proud off to have in their cafe and welcomed photos of it, sadly this is becoming less common here in the UK, especially in London and major cities. Some people just don’t understand why you would want to photograph a stunning and beautiful staircase like this.

Looking forward now, I have a trip to Venice coming up soon and can’t wait. Mainly looking forward to relaxing but I am sure I will get a few photos from my time there, fingers crossed the weather will be nice in Venice, its so rubbish here in the UK at the moment, certainly not BBQ weather thats for sure!

Happy Monday everyone!

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Orange Subway Munich by frankdaske

Munich / Germany @ Marienplatz. The Munich U-Bahn system not only transports some 280 million passengers annually – an average of 900,000 passengers a day — through the town with speed and efficiency, it also reflects the changing tastes in architecture since the mid-1960s. Especially recent years have seen the addition of stations that combine functionality with stunning design. This city artery, connecting its various neighborhoods and relieving the streets above-ground of much traffic, has slowly become a museum of art.

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