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Sultanahmet mosque interior dome by Erol_Ayaz

Blue Mosque, the Ottoman Sultan in the years 1609-1616 Ahmed in the historical peninsula of Istanbul Mimar Sedefkar was built by Mehmet Aga. [1] Mosque blue, because it is decorated with green and white Iznik tiles and the inside of the half-dome and large dome the Europeans mainly because it is decorated with blue pen still works “Blue mosque (Blue mosque)”

The most important aspect of the counts into consideration in terms of architectural and artistic structures, more than 20,000 is decorated with Iznik tiles. [2] These tiles are used in traditional floral motifs in yellow and shades of blue decorations, the structure has moved just more than a place of worship. The worship of the mosque is 64 x 72 meters in size. The diameter of the central dome is 43 meters high, 23.5 meters. The interior of the mosque is illuminated with more than 200 colored glass. [3] Article written by Sayyid Kasm Gubari Diyarbakir. It creates a complex with surrounding structures and Blue Mosque, the first mosque in Turkey with six minarets.

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Istanbul in the evening by Erol_Ayaz

Hayale benzeyen bir kuşdur/Uçar biteviye
maviye boğulan semalarında.
Al bir yakut taşır, ak kanatlarında
Zümrüt kubbeler atar kıyılarına
Ilık bir buse olup konar sonra yanaklarımıza,
adı tılsım kokan;

İbrahim Zarifoğlu

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Mosque of Suleiman The Magnificent by hayazici

Dome of Süleymaniye Mosque
The Mosque of Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent (1557) is Istanbul’s largest and grandest.
Designed by the Ottoman Empire’s greatest architect, Mimar Sinan, the Süleymaniye dominates the city’s Third Hill, just north of Istanbul University, overlooking the Golden Horn (map).
Inside the Süleymaniye is simply breathtaking in its expanse, a near-square 58 meters (63 yards) by 59 meters (64 yards). Süleyman—and his genius architect,Mimar Sinan—attempted to rival the spaciousness of Ayasofya (Hagia Sophia) by hiding the massive buttresses that support the dome, incorporating the buttresses into the walls, and adding rows of porphyry monolith columns beneath the tympanums on either side. Although not as large as Ayasofya, the Süleymaniye exceeds it in feelings of light and openness.

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