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Miami Stonehenge “Miamihenge” by Greg_Urbano

Another image from my visit to Miami, this one taken from the Port Road Bridge while I was waiting for the sun to go down. I was waiting to capture “Miami Nights” and turned toward the Heat Arena and noticed the sun piercing through two tall building creating the “Manhattanhenge” * effect. Not to be confused with the actual Miami Circle archaeological site known as the “American Stonehenge” located a short distance away!

* – After a little more research I believe I can coin the term “Miamihenge” to describe this effect. It probably will not get as much attention as the NYC version but hey it’s in Miami!!

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City of the Future by cobybidwell

As the hoards of photographers and tourists flocked to Manhattan to shoot Manhattanhenge, I decided to avoid the chaos and shoot at one of my favorite spots in the city… Hope you all enjoy viewing this piece as much as I enjoyed creating it!
Press “H” and “M” for best viewing experience!

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