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C-Mine during blue hour by scipbe

I captured this photo of C-mine in Genk a week ago during the blue hour. C-mine is the renovated site of the former Winterslag coal-mine. From 1914 until its closure in 1988, the Winterslag mine had a staff of 6350 people at its peak. The mine has played an important role in the personal histories of many families in the area. A lot of families from Poland, Turkey and Morocco moved to Belgium to work hard in the underground. Many generations grew up near this site. Now the site has been renovated and you can still visit the coal mine and see the old machines and its industrial heritage. The site has been turned into a meeting place and a new hub for creativity, technology, tourism and education. There is a museum, cinema, restaurants and pubs, company offices, shops, art gallery, labyrinth, …

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Maastricht at night by MichielTummers

LE HDR i took at Maastricht (a dutch city in Limburg) with TriggerTrap. Please rate and comment. Also comment for any small talk!

ps. this is my first EVER LE HDR with Triggertrap! Don’t slay me too hard πŸ™‚

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