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The light bridge by ReinhardMittermaier

This bridge is one of the most captured in the world. It isn’t easy to satisfy the expert eye when you want to add another photo in this huge gallery. I wasn’t sure if I should upload it, but the effect of the line of lights from the one city side to the other has an appealing pattern. I hope you like this night view towards Charles Bridge.

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Berlin – Fullmoon Panorama by claude_castor

© by Jean Claude Castor l 030mm – Photography

Berlin, Skyline, Strausberger Platz, Panorama, 2015



Today’s Fullmoon ( not Bloodmoon, that one will turn into a super Bloodmoon at 4 a.m.. Way too lazy to get that one too though 😉 So hopefully you will enjoy this one as much !! Cheers

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Alter Flecken by SaWagner1

Historic town center “Alter Flecken” (old place) of Freudenberg Siegerland / NRW.
The Second World War was the historical core age spots Freudenberg without major damage. Thus, the Old stains Freudenberg is one of the few examples of a planned and implemented uniformly built in half-timbered houses of the 17th century, which has survived to the present day in its original structure.
Der historische Stadtkern „Alter Flecken“ von Freudenberg im Siegerland / NRW
Den Zweiten Weltkrieg überstand der historische Stadtkern Alter Flecken Freudenberg ohne größere Zerstörungen. Somit ist der Alte Flecken Freudenberg eines der wenigen Beispiele einer planmäßig realisierten und einheitlich in Fachwerk errichteten Stadt des 17. Jahrhunderts, die sich bis in unsere Zeit in ihrer originalen Bausubstanz erhalten hat.

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