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Paris Romance by guner_gulyesil

Alexander III Bridge, Paris.

I took this shot last month in Paris when went there for my wedding. Paris is a very romantic city and there are lots of great bridges. This one was my favorite since I saw it in the web before I go there.

I went the place two hours before the sunset on the shooting day to find a nice spot. After taking a few test shots, I waited for the right time. I start to take series of exposures just after the bridge lamps lit. A few minutes later, I took I want when the blue hour started.

Post-process was not easy. I blended more than 10 exposures by using luminosity masks and luminosity selections for dynamic range, for some light effects and for focus stacking.

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“Harucas” is the name of the tallest building in Japan.

The building has just opened 2014, so as a landmark, it is pretty new.

Don’t you know more about the building?
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