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Dubai Fog V3.0 by RustamAzmi

Dubai Fog V3.0..
I am Reprocessing is for the third time….As i want to check how much I have improved over 1 year…..I will post All 3 version In few days….I am planning to Upload a Video of how i have processed this Image….
Please to let me know if you guys wanna see the Video Tutori

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Burj Khalifa The Ring by Zohaibnjum

(Burj Khalifa The Ring)

After spending 4 hours on post processing here is the Image shoot from Downtown Dubai – The Centre of Now​ with my Nikon D7000 Lens 11-16mm !

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Burj Vertigo… by RustamAzmi

The Burj Khalifah Vertigo v1.0….
The Color version of the burj khalifah vertigo…..its a archive shot which i processed it…..the sky has been replaced because it dark blue sky….which has no interesting thing at all….so replaced the sky with cloudy sky with sunset….
Hopefully you guy like the sky…..i feel i could more with this image but felt Lazy…….

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