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Holocaust Memorial – Jewish Ghetto – Canareggio, Venice by PatKofahl

In 1979, the sculptor Arbit Blatas who lost his mother in the Holocaust produced a seven-panel bronze bas-relief on the theme of the Holocaust which was installed in the Jewish Ghetto. The memorial is a series of seven bas-relief wall plaques depicting deportation, Kristalnacht, the quarry, punishment, execution, the Warsaw Uprising, and the final solution. – jewisheurope.org

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Evidence of knowledge by Andrea_Izzotti

Vastus animus immoderata, incredibilia, nimis alta semper cupiebat.
Its insatiable mind always desired immoderate things, unbelievable, too high.

Gaio Sallustio Crispo

BALTIMORE, USA – Bookshelf inside Peabody Library a research library for John Hopkins University.

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