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New York City lights by ventdusud

New York City – beautiful sunrise over manhattan with manhattan and brooklyn bridge USA

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Intersection by Jonathan_Mitchell

I have been dreaming of this moment for a long time now and last night I got the chance to fly over SF and capture it from the air. It was amazing to see the city I have lived in for the last 6 years from above. Thanks Verticalcfi for the amazing piloting skills!

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San Francisco Sherbet by MattWalker1

I feel extremely fortunate to have flown over San Francisco in a helicopter, and capture such an amazing evening last Thursday. Tim McManus and I took flight on an R44 helicopter out of Hayward.
Inspired by Toby Harriman’s aerial photography over SF, we wanted to try our hand at it too. The flight was almost canceled a few times that day due to extreme haze and thick clouds. Despite the bleak conditions we decided to head out to the airport, and wait it out. Jeff Lewis was keeping me up to date with the clouds as it got closer to take off. Miraculously the haze cleared, and the clouds looked prime for an epic sunset. We took off into the sunset, and scored some incredible images. In addition to a fiery sky, we had the classic San Francisco fog roll in during our time in the air.
On our way back it was dark, raining, and the sky began glowing with lightning bolts.
It was quite a memorable night for my first helicopter ride.

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