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Engine Bridge – Canmore Alberta by ryan_kole

I took this earlier today on a nice romp around the town of Canmore… I have taken so many images of this bridge vertically but not horizontally short of July 1st.

Pretty much after the shutter clicked… I was reminded why I love this location so much.

I love playing with angles and shadows etc… But I truly love this image. I hope everyone else does as well.

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HK Blue Hour by geraldmacfly

Revised and websized version of a cityscape shot in Hong Kong back in March.
It was so windy outside that I was looking for a good place to shoot a city view indoor.
Thanks to HK being such a good place for tailors, I bought a big piece of black fabric before going to the top of this tall building, to prevent from reflections on the glass windows.
I think it worked out ok and I was able to capture blue hour on a hazy day in HK.

PS I think it looks better viewed on black 🙂

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