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Tergesteo Glass Wall by videophotoart_com

The massive “Palazzo del Tergesteo” (Tergesto building) erected in 1842, with its ground floor crossed by a cross-vaulted arcade, was originally designed as a business centre and subsequently used as Stock Exchange. Today has become one of the citizens’ favourite meeting places in Trieste-Italy and reveals the image of the city’s splendour under the Hapsburg age.

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Ancient memories by videophotoart_com

Buildings of great value within the Old Port of Trieste (Porto Vecchio – Italy).
Among Italian cities, Trieste boasts the most important port for its architectural historical heritage. With its layout, new technologies, materials used for its imposing warehouses and special buildings, is an extraordinary evidence of port-industrial architecture in 19th century in Europe.
The Old Port of Trieste is different from any other port in the Mediterranean area because it reproduces, in terms of construction rules and overall layout, the features of Lagerhäuser, i.e. city areas dedicated to freight traffic, like north-European ports, in particular Hamburg’s Speicherstadt.
The Old Port of Trieste includes the five original piers, the offshore breakwater built in 1875, the Hydrodynamic power plant (a world’s unique example containing all machinery), the electric transformer station and the imposing warehouses which retain the construction patents that were a turning point for late 19th century building techniques.

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