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Chicago’s history by GraceRay

the city’s most distinctive 19th-century residential buildings, The Brewster. Situated at the northwest corner of Pine Grove Avenue and Diversey Parkway and originally known as the Lincoln Park Palace, the 1893 structure was the design of Enoch Hill Turnock, an architect who worked for a while in Chicago with William LeBaron Jenney, but spent most of his career in Elkhart, Indiana. Charlie Chaplin lived on the building’s top floor while making movies in Chicago more than 90 years ago,and Dion O’Bannion, a rival of Al Capone, lived in the building in 1929.

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Light by GraceRay

Schmidt-Burnham Log House. Research indicates that the Schmidt-Burnham log house is the oldest log structure in Cook County, Illinois, USA still in use and that it was most likely built in 1837 by early settlers in the area. It is also distinguished as the only home in the area to be continuously occupied for nearly 165 years. More: http://bit.ly/1CGVoFE

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Buckingham Fountain, Chicago by GraceRay

Buckingham Fountain, Chicago. The Buckingham Fountain is Chicago’s centerpiece along the Lake Michigan shore, and is a popular destination spot for visitors and locals alike. Made out of gorgeous pink Georgia marble, the real attraction of the fountain is the water, light, and music show …

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