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Golden Arches by YOJT

Was I saved? This is a shot of a crowded walkway near the Ponte Vecchio in Florence. But the photo just didn’t work. So I tried cropping out people and enhancing the sunlight glowing off the columns to the left. We have all done it, but I think this is an example of a great photo in my mind that never materialized but could then be morphed into something different that works.

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Chicago – Navy Pier at sunset by bjoensson

This shot was made at the end of a gorgeous day in Chicago. We had an awesome ride with the „Seadog“, which you can see in front. This highspeed boat frist takes a short but fast ride on the Lake Michigan. This makes a lot of fun. Then you take a trip down the Chicago River to all see the great architecture. I can higly recommend this trip. At last we had this beautiful sunset on the Navy Pier, which offered me the opportunity to take this picture

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The City Awakens | Doha by anthonyromblon

This was manually blended by using Raya Pro of Jimmy McIntyre. If you’re interested to other works of Jimmy: Click here to visit Jimmy McIntyre.

Sometimes I got to hand it over to this host city of mine, she keeps me surprised every time. Eventhough the conditions that morning was a bit of disappoint due to the mist and high humidity, I didn’t expect to get an almost-perfect sunrise. And I thought sunrise like this only exists in rural areas. Add to that the dreamy effect the morning mist gave.

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