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Night in Beijing by tchebotarev

Beijing has been good to me. Blue skies, perfect weather, lots of tourists (to make it feel like I’m, you know, in China), and celebration of China’s birthday. Had a great experience seeing the sunset in financial district with all the amazing architecture around us. Thank you my friends!

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Beyond Infinity by peterstewartphotography

A view over the Osaka prefecture and the Hanshin expressway from Higashiosaka.

Osaka, Japan

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Night Bruges over the waters of Spiegelrei by Lena_Serditova

glowing lights in dusk of medieval Bruges old town, Belgium

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Jan van Eyck Square over the waters of Spiegelrei, Bruges by Lena_Serditova

Jan van Eyck Square and Tolhuis in glowing lights of dusk

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The Awakening by BaberAfzal

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Here is an image I shot back in 2010 of Burj al Arab and decided to reprocess it. Going back to my origins by creating such surrealistic images. Unfortunately, I took this image in JPEG but am glad I managed to make the best of it. I was fortunate to be present there at a time when a storm was rolling over which is pretty rare in Dubai. Even this view is hard to find as they have construction going on now. Talk about being lucky. 🙂

I hope you all enjoy this image too and feel free to share it as well! Love you all!

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