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Building Shrouded In Fog by castillocesar

Particularly during times when the weather is transitioning from warm to cool and humidity becomes high this phenomenon of producing the effects seen in these shots is a fog like cloud that settles between the ground and sky, which creates a heavenly vision some of the tallest skyscraper tips in Dubai are seen only very little from above.

In some cases in other parts of Dubai where you can see glimpses of the streets, buildings below, and sometimes the entire built landscape appears perched on a layer of thick fog like-clouds. Chasing the fog is more difficult specially finding the best locations because sometimes not all the places are covered by a dense fogs, some of them are dense and some places are less it depends very much on the wind. If windy the thick fogs does not stay for long its blown away by the wind. Shooting at the roof top high enough above the fog you can find yourself like standing floating in the middle of the clouds it is amazing.

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