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New York City lights by ventdusud

New York City – beautiful sunrise over manhattan with manhattan and brooklyn bridge USA

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Beyond The Vatican by EliaLocardi

On my last day in Rome after wrapping up our most recent Italy Photo Tour, my friend Gaia asked me if I ever get tired of visiting the same places over and over again. “As a photographer,” she asked, “don’t you get bored with the same locations?”

This is something I’m asked fairly often and my answer was an honest one. I told her that I never get tired of visiting the same places because it gives me the opportunity to see things in a new way, and attempt to capture them with new eyes and a fresh style. It’s something that I always strive for—the ability to create something new and unique out of the familiar—to break mold, even if only by a small degree.

Prior to flying my DJI Phantom 3 over The Vatican in Rome, I had only been able to dream what this area would look like from above. Finally I was able to make that dream a reality. 🙂

DJI Phantom 3 || Single RAW || f/2.8 || ISO 100 || 1/5 seconds

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