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Fire Over Manhattan by elenaparaskeva

Gus, the colors are absolutely 100% real! I actually had to turn down the saturation quite a bit after applying my contrast because it was sooo red.. I was at the pier expecting a typical sunset when suddenly the sky turned a brilliant blood red..you could hear all the photographers there gasping and rushing to get their gear out!

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Temple of Reflections II by roliketto

Another shot from my mini series, “Temple of Reflections”, from my recent trip in London city.

This time I decided to go with dramatic black and white presentation using Silver Efex Pro 2 emphasizing the perspective and double framing.

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Hoover Dam Generator Views by DinoAyala

A dramatic view of the drop off in water depth at Lake Mead from the Turbine section of Hoover Dam. The man made Lake created by the Dam has served as a vital fresh water supply to not only the nearby Las Vegas Valley, but also to San Bernardino, Northern Arizona and Phoenix area as well. Some 20 million or so people use this run off of the Colorado River for everyday living. Sadly, water levels cannot keep up with the overgrowth of the areas it supplies and most likely will one day run dry, unless a solution is in the works, we may be looking at the potential to experience the largest ghost towns the western hemisphere has ever seen.

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Catedral Metropolitana by crissparanhos

Eu estava no último andar da construção do Parque das Ruínas quando fiz essa foto da bela Catedral Metropolitana do Rio de Janeiro.

I was on the last floor of the Parque das Ruínas building when i shot this photo of beautiful “Catedral Metropolitana do Rio de Janeiro”

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Edges by GiuseppeTorre

Dreamy architecture in the heart of London; the sharp edges seem to have taken possession of the southern side of Tower Bridge

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