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Under a Blanket of Blue by PedroQuintela1

Many of us stop our landscape or cityscape shootings after the sunset, but there´s also a window of opportunity during the so called blue hour. This is the moment when the sun is below the horizon and the sky gets a deep blue color making the scene suffused with its bluish and purple light.

Well this was the exact moment I was waiting for in the incredible city of Porto (or Oporto how foreigners call it). From the oposite side of the city of Gaia there´s like this magnetic vision that grabs our eyes to that majestic cityscape. I had this trip prepared since many months ago and had an anxiety in the previous night before. In my portfolio is the first example of this kind of shooting, in this case a panorama of 3 images. I hope you like it and experience a little of this great city magic.

Happy shooting and many thanks for all the support and motivation.

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The Fernandina wall. by RuyLopes

The Ferdinand Wall was started by D. Afonso IV in 1355 and terminated by D. Fernando in 1370. Harbour View with remains of Fernandina wall near Bridge of Don Luis on the right bank of the Douro River , dates back to the final period of the Age bronze. Will date this season , the early waist village walls. Currently, part of the great heritage of Portugal , this wonderful urban landscape.

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