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Sunbreak Over Djurgårdskyrkan by mixbsd

Taken around 1800h local time on a mostly cloudy day, the setting sun briefly broke through the cloud cover just above Djurgårdskyrkan in Stockholm, Sweden

A sight to behold, only the crepuscular rays were missing!

I really couldn’t crop this image any more, as I would have lost the sheer vastness of the beautiful sky. Unfortunately, the overhead tram power lines do provide a bit of distraction.

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Old Fashioned Gazebo Infrared by mixbsd

An old fashioned gazebo amongst the foliage. This gazebo is located just outside the boundary of the Spanish Embassy in Djurgården, Stockholms Län, Sweden.

I bumped up the dehaze, vibrance and saturation in LightRoom to give the foliage a little more colour, although it had the effect of making the IR hotspot stand out a little more (the blueish tones near the middle of the image).

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Stockholm in my heart by IrinaJonsson

View from helihopter over Stockholm.
The feeling of sitting in a helicopter is amazing, especially when sitting up front, close to the pilot.
Visibility from the helicopter was magnificent. There are no wings in the way, and the visibility is thus virtually unobstructed in all directions.
Helicopter Tours starts from Bromma airport. The flight was made towards Stockholms heart- Old town.
We continued to fly over Solna, Norra Djurgården, Lidingö, Nacka.
Hammarby , Djurgården, Skansen, Skeppsholmen, Old Town with Kunliga castle, Riddarfjärden with City Hall.
It’s amazing what a nice city I live.

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