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Dickens Street by MichielBuijse

Wandering through old narrow streets

It’s been the second time that I have been wandering through these old city streets in Deventer (NL). They give a feeling like you have travelled back in time. Only the cars that are parked at some places, remind you that you didn’t. During Christmas, these streets are turned into a live Charles Dickens story.

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This city will definitely be part of my Night Photography Workshops.

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Chez Antoinette by MichielBuijse

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During one of my workshops here in The Netherland, I went to Deventer. An old city in the eastern part of the country. While walking through the narrow streets I discovered this restaurant. The lights were just amazing and I loved the whole scene. During one of the shots, I sat down at a table and took a selfie. That shot can be viewed on my Facebook.

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