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Clock Square by blackchallenge

The city of Damietta is the capital of the governorate that holds the same name. Damietta is famous as it is where the Eastern Branch of the River Nile, which is named after the city as well, pours into the Mediterranean Sea at the popular local resort of Ras El Barr.

To the Southwest of Damietta, there are the wonderful gardens and orchards of the Delta of Egypt. Damietta is featured, as one of the few cities in Egypt, with long shores overlooking the River Nile and Mediterranean Sea as well. Moreover, the Port of Damietta is one of the most active and important trading points in Egypt.

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Al-Bahr Mosque by blackchallenge

Al-Bahr Mosque, one of the famous and Beautiful mosques in Damietta, and is located on the eastern bank of the Nile . It built in 1609 A.D. in Otman time, and built on an area of 1200 m 2 on Andalusi style. It has been renovated for the first time in 1009 AH in the era of Ottoman rule .Then it was renovated and rebuilt for the second time also on Andalusi style in 1967 AH . The reconstructed in 1997AD and opened the night of Mohamed’s ascension in 1418 AH.
Its walls decorated with Barua Islamic inscriptions and has five domes and two minarets, and annex of the mosque cultural and religious library. It is located at the Damietta branch, a distributary of the Nile, 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) from the Mediterranean sea.

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