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New York City Subway by rajeshgathwala

Color version of my earlier post. NYC Subway did 1.75 billion rides in 2014. No wonder its hard to find a car without people. I had this shot in my mind for some time and lucky to find one early winter monning. thanks much for your feedback and comments.

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Accelerate by ottoberkeley

This image was captured at Bank Underground Station, which always struck me as ideal for the concept of a blurred train on the underground. Aside from its clean, metallic finish, it’s one of only a few stations in London with curved platforms, which I felt made it perfect for emphasising a sense of perspective as a train came along the tunnel.

The postprocessing workflow for this image was split into two stages: I captured five bracketed exposures early in the morning while the station was empty, and used luminosity masks to achieve a balanced finish for the bright lights and the gritty texture along the platform. I then used separate four-second exposures for the first westbound Central Line train of the morning — one as it pulled into the platform, and another as it departed — and blended these together to produce the final image.

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