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Downtown III by m-ltitze

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View from the tower room of St. Stephan’s Cathedral to West with parts of the Vienna Woods in the distance.
In the foreground is seen the Peter’s Church with the dome – eactly behind is the Main University “Alma Mater Rudolphina” with dark roofs on her wings and a checkered cupola – the twin steeples show the Votiv Church – the huge black buildings behind are the Vienna General Hospital (short: AKH), medical center and site of the Medical University of Vienna, with 85m (279 ft) one of the tallest hospitals of the world – left side is seen the Vienna City Hall with the high tower and some other towers on the large roofs and in front the dark-brown Minoriten Church – in the far distance you can see the mountain ‘Hermannskogel’, situated in the Vienna Woods, altitude 542m, with its lookout tower

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Budweis City Hall, Baroque style, 1730 by tmrother

Budweis City Hall stood on this spot since 1555. The building burned in fire and was rebuild in 1730 by Anton Erhardt Martinelli and Italian architect living in Vienna. The fresh look was achieved by last major renovation in 1999. Its richly decorated façade, makes it on of the most attractive building in the city and shows it’s citizen pride.On the roof are the statues of four supposedly bourgeois virtues: Wisdom, Caution, Courage and Justice. Caution and Courage have to probably fight it out all the time. I would choose probably Awareness, Engagement, Decency (Fairness), and Courteousness. A politician today would prefer Obedience and Ignorance. They are blessed, as many burghers in my city display these traits, when it comes to select a leader. (Current Mayor is actually pretty good choice.)
The Baroque ‘Samson fountain’ in front, is one of the largest of its kind in the country. The base is 17 m in diameter. Build by František Baugaut in 1727. It features sculpture of Samson on the lion.

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