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Geisel Library, UCSD by tom_coelho

The Geisel Library building is named in honor of Audrey and Theodor Seuss Geisel (better known as Dr. Seuss) for the generous contributions they have made to the library and their devotion to improving literacy. The Geisels were long-time residents of La Jolla, where UC San Diego is located.

The building is featured in the UC San Diego logo and is the most recognizable building on campus. It is located in the center of the campus with Library Walk to its south, Thurgood Marshall College to its west, and Earl Warren College to its east.

The library first opened in 1970. It was simply called the Central Library until a renovation was completed in 1993, when it was rededicated as the University Library Building. It was renamed Geisel Library in 1995

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Here We Are/Underneath The Bridge by vsquared_photo

Sometimes you can meet a photographer who you just have an affinity with, who shares your passion, you bounce ideas off each other, and grow together. I finally got to go shooting with such a person, after almost 4 years of waiting. Tascha from New Zealand, who came to SF to see this beautiful City by The Bay. Here we are!

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wvyvp by DallasSisson

climbed 36 flights of stairs to the roof. try the door, and its locked. the two photographers i’m with put their heads down and start the descent to the streets of LA. on my keychain i had three keys, which i looked down at in lost hope. never has a random key opened a random door for me ever. i tried the biggest key of the set, and with a small twist and a little push, we were through. one of the best views of LA. great night

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