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Under The Burning Sky by astroprojector

I like to photograph Boston skyline during sunset hours. I try to do it every time I visit the city. Sometime it gets very tricky. When shooting Boston water front, the sun always sets behind the buildings. Occasionally you get pretty nice colors in the sky but the building comes out too dark. In this photo I shot two pictures. One exposing for the sky and another exposing for the building. Later, I combined two in Photoshop. Hope you like the result.

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Boston by Mosaab-Alsaray-Art

Boston, where I live, is the Massachusetts’ capital and largest city. Founded in 1630, it’s one of the oldest cities in the U.S.As much I love portrait fine art, I love cityscape and landscape and other type . Recently I have seen a lot of my new followers like cityscape as well. Here’s one.
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