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Two of four by tetze2

In the moment as I get my position and set up my equipment, a man from the BMW security came to me and asked me, you are a professionell? And I: No, of course not. But I was curious, therefore I asked him, what would be the problem if I´am a professionell photographer? And he replied, if you are professionell, you need an approval from the boss of this building. Ahhhh, okayyyy… I´m happy that I´am only an amateur photographer : )

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BMW Welt by Chakkraphob

The BMW Welt situates in the heart of Munich, Germany. It is designed to showcase the current products of BMW as well as to serve as a distribution center and host events.

Its unorthodox shape makes it an interesting architectural subject to shoot, but you will need a wide-angle lens to be able to completely capture its elongated structure.

There are many interesting angles in which this building can be shot from, and I will be posting several angles of mine. Though equally fascinating during the day, this building is probably best viewed at night when all the lights are illuminated.

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