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Debod ‘Eclipsed’ By Supermoon by servalpe

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Templo de Debod, Madrid (Spain).

Exif Data:

For Cityscape background:

Canon EOS 5D Mark III | EF 16-35mm f/4L IS USM @ 20 mm | f/8, 30s, ISO 400 & ISO 100.

Vertorama from 3 exposures @ ISO 100 on a tripod Induro CT114 + BHL1 ball head.

Moon reflections from 1 exposure @ ISO 400 on a tripod Induro CT114 + BHL1 ball head.

For supermoons:

Canon EOS 5D Mark III | EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM + Extender EF 2x II @ 400 mm | f/8, multiple shutter speeds and ISO settings.


Lightroom for catalog, white balance and lens corrections for all exposures > Export 3 exposures to Panorama Merge to generete Vertorama > Export all exposures: vertorama, moon refelctions and all supermoons layers to Photoshop > Digital blending exposures manually and with luminance masks > Hue/Saturation + Levels + Color Efex Pro + Orton Effect + High Pass sharpening technique with Photoshop CC.

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First Sight by kaunisto_pasi

This was more or less the first sight I saw the Supermoon a week ago during Lunar Eclipse. The Lunar Eclipse had already started when the moon came into sight over the skyline of San Diego downtown. Sunset was just minutes earlier still providing glimmering light to glass towers. The Blood Moon was an awesome sight during total Lunar Eclipse.

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Blood Moon Over Gate by rickschwartz

While in San Francisco I just had to “do the bridges”. By that I mean, drive over and take pictures, …just like everybody else. I went through the motions but I didn have my heart into it. I mean, it’s only been done one-million-and-four-hundred-and-sixty-two-thousand-and-seven-hundred-and-ninety-two times (excluding Andriod devices). Not like it’s popular or anything. Even when I showed up at 5AM on a MONDAY MORNING there were three other photographers there. I mean, don’t these people have anything better to do than get up early on a MONDAY morning and take yet another picture of the bridge? Good grief, some people.

Anyway, I stuck around looking for a unique angle that hadn’t been done before, how hard could that be? Those other pesky photographers finally left and I was about also when I looked back and noticed that the Blood moon had popped up over the bridge. How lucky is that? I quickly took my shot and I think I may be the only person in the world to have a shot of the Blood Moon over the Golden Gate.

I currently in negotiations with Hogwarts to have this hung in the grand hall, but I wanted you all to be the first to see it.

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Dutch supermoon eclipse by bverbrugge

Catching the rare super blood moon total eclipse gave me a short night. The wheather predictions weren’t that great. When I woke up at 03.30 (a.m) I could see the eclipse clearly from my bedroom window. So I left home by bicycle to go to a spot where I would have a nice foreground. There was a bit of mist, but luckily not too much. It was worth the early rise. What a magnificent night it was. Live is a gift!

FYI: I used two exposures, as the rotation of the moon does not allow long exposure photos.

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Berlin – Fullmoon Panorama by claude_castor

© by Jean Claude Castor l 030mm – Photography

Berlin, Skyline, Strausberger Platz, Panorama, 2015



Today’s Fullmoon ( not Bloodmoon, that one will turn into a super Bloodmoon at 4 a.m.. Way too lazy to get that one too though 😉 So hopefully you will enjoy this one as much !! Cheers

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