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Deptford Sky is well protected from the Aliens. by tmrother

We shall fight them on the beaches, we shall fight them in the air!
Famous words by Winston Churchill still echo in today’s Europe.
Deptford is ready for the alien invasion. The blockade at port Calle to keep the aliens from the shores of Britain is going reasonable well (I managed somehow to slip through) and now Mayor Boris declared to protect all the roof access by installing wire mesh on all flat roofs in the city. Deptford was one of the first to go with the program and ‘Ben Pimlott building’ is prime example.
Fortunately most of Deptford is still old, no flat roofs, so only few structures had to be retrofitted. This building from 2005 by Alsop Architects contains Visual, digital art studios and something called ‘Centre for Cognition, Culture and Computation’ (CCC&C), which would be of special interest to North African and middle east aliens.

The ‘scribble sculpture’ as it is called was actually part of the building and is constructed from 229 separate pieces of steel bars. William Alsop is a innovative architect and is also responsible for Art College building in Toronto.

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Morrison Hall. Not your average Animal House. by tmrother

Morrison Hall. Not your average ‘Animal House’.
Morrison Hall is relatively new student residence on 75 St. George Street in Toronto. This unusual iron gate hides the entrance to shipping/receiving area.
The main building is 13 floor tower completed in 2005 (Zeidler Partnership Architects).
A husband and wife Russell and Catherine Morrison (who are both around 90 years old now) donated many millions of dollars to the University of Toronto and this was one of their project. Who knows, where they lived during their days as students…
On this street, there were many changes during the last 30-40 years. There were old fraternity or ‘animal houses’ here. Practically all the 19th century houses are gone now, replaced by modern structures. Most of the properties belongs to the University and as student population grew, the old buildings had to go.

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