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East End by srprice13

From the top of the Scott Monument on Princes Street in Edinburgh the view is, when you can see it, outstanding.
Getting up the 287 steps to the top is not easy and by the very top is so narrow you have to duck down and squeeze your shoulders.
Once you have caught your breath, you can concentrate on the photography!

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Sir Walter Scott by srprice13

The Scott Monument sits at the East End of Princess Street, dominating the skyline beyond the castle, it is 200 feet (61m) high, and there are 287 steps to get to the top viewing platform.
Towards the top, the spiral of the stairs is very tight, as is the width, definitely not for those who get claustrophobia!

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The Eye by olschwartz

Few days ago, it was the very first time that I visited this famous place in Strasbourg. As a fan of architecture, I’m still wondering why I waited so long… I coud spend hours in this place and you’ll definetely see other pictures from this place soon :).

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