Breaking Bad Themed Bar Comes To New York

Breaking Bad Themed Bar Comes To New York

Breaking Bad Themed Bar Comes To New York

Breaking Bad Themed Bar Comes To New York

London’s renowned Breaking Bad cocktail bar will be making its debut in NYC in July

The hit show Breaking Bad about a chemistry teacher turned meth drug kingpin is one of the most beloved shows to come out in the last decade by both critics and fans. Even though the show only ended four years ago, the show has reached classic status inspiring everything from spin-off shows to coffee shops to restaurants. One of the most creative ventures inspired by the hit show is the pop-up cocktail bar, the ABQ bar, first introduced in London. The bar is finally making it out to the states with New York City being its first pit-stop.

ABQ bar was developed by


, a creative collective agency that has brought this new project through the streets of London and Paris. The cocktail bar is unique as it comes in the form of an RV much like the one Walter White and Jesse Pinkman would make their special blue meth those first seasons of the show. The cocktail lab which hosts up to thirty guests at a time is initially complimented with its first drink being made by the bartenders dressed in hazmat suits. After the first drink, the patrons then become the “cooks” in a DIY environment where they are given instructions on how to concoct the bar’s Breaking Bad themed cocktails. Not only are the decorations and drinks references to the show but the chemistry glassware similar to what Mr. White would use to cook meth is used to make these special cocktails.

Lollipop is known for putting out interactive bars and restaurants to give people not only an enjoyable experience but also a unique one. Seb Lyall, the founder of Lollipop felt Breaking Bad was the perfect blend of both entertaining and inventive for their newest venture. “No doubt ABQ is one of the most interesting and fun projects we have built in the last few years”, said Lyall. He also expressed happiness that it was opening in NYC and considered the event a form of homecoming given the concept came from the states.

The RV arrives in NYC next month, with still no specific location on where the bar will be parked. There was a waiting list for the bar as high as 12,000 people and have filled July with 2,000 of those slots taken up already. With these many people wanting the ABQ experience, their stay has an undetermined end date possibly extending a couple of months. The tickets are sold on a first come first serve basis and that buys you at least two hours to be the Heisenberg of making cocktails.

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June 20, 2017 at 07:57AM